Project Overview

Remote working skills among the older population are not as prevalent as they are within the younger digital immigrant and digital native workforce. These older workers need an opportunity to build key skills for remote working if they are to stay active in the workforce.

Governments can ill afford to sustain the economic cost of a high number of able-bodied people unable to retain their employment because of an underlying health. The European Green deal and the Sustainable Development Goals propose a fairer, more equitable society where no one is left behind. RETAIN-ME responds to those ideals and will develop remote working solutions in the form of bespoke training resources to ensure that vulnerable workers can be retained in employment.


Through the results produced by the RETAIN-ME project team, our aim is to support older and vulnerable workers to embrace the digital transition in European workforces, so that they can continue to make active and meaningful contributions to European economic, civic and social life – all facilitated through embracing digital technologies and platforms.


Participatory methods will be encouraged to enable all participants to play an active and influential part in the project’s processes and results.

Project Results

PR1 – RETAIN-ME Employer’s Toolkit 

This Toolkit consists of job readiness, job retention and job seeking resources as well as the step-by-step guides for vulnerable workers. The content will be suitably comprehensive and will include indepth and practical information on the topic of remote working for employers. This Toolkit will act a “Go-to Guide” for managers wishing to adapt their business to fit within the scope of the remote working revolution.

PR2 – RETAIN-ME Vulnerable Employee Toolkit

The Toolkit will comprise 18 Remote Career Planning Resources, which will be available online through the MOOC in all partner languages. Aiming at developing the remote working literacies of vulnerable employees so that they can manage successful remote careers, this Toolkit will provide a complete suite of resources which addresses the issue from a holistic perspective.

PR3 – RETAIN-ME MOOC & Community of Practice 

The MOOC will provide access to the RETAIN-ME Employer’s Toolkit and the RETAIN-ME Vulnerable Employee Toolkit.

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Project Number: 2021-1-SE01-KA220-VET-000032922

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