RETAIN ME MOOC provides access to the RETAIN-ME Employer’s Toolkit (PR1) and the RETAIN-ME Vulnerable Employee Toolkit (PR2).

The RETAIN-ME Employer’s Toolkit: consists of job readiness, job retention and job seeking resources as well as the step-by-step guides for vulnerable workers. The content is suitably comprehensive and includes in-depth and practical information on the topic of remote working for employers. This Toolkit acts as a “Go-to Guide” for managers wishing to adapt their business to fit within the scope of the remote working revolution.

The RETAIN-ME Vulnerable Employee Toolkit: comprises 18 Remote Career Planning Resources, which are available in all partner languages. Aiming at developing the remote working literacies of vulnerable employees so that they can manage successful remote careers, this Toolkit provides a complete suite of resources which addresses the issue from a holistic perspective.

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